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View & Manage Recorded Data  

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Keystrokes typed including emails composed, messages, accounts, passwords, etc.


Chat messages sent and received from

Skype iMessage
AIM Adium

Website Logs:

Web sites visited by the user. On iOS/Android, the websites visited in private mode will not be included in website logs, they can be recorded in keystroke logs and screenshot logs. On Mac, private browsing will be recorded in the website logs.

  • Title: Title of the website visited;
  • URLs: URL of web pages visited;
  • Time: Date and time when the website visited;


Capture all activities on the device screen as screenshots. Screenshots can be captured by interval(iKeyMonitor) or alert words

  • Trigger: Alertword triggered;
  • App: in which the alert word is triggered;
  • Amount: Quantity of screenshots captured;
  • Start time & End time: Date and time when the first and last screenshots are captured;


The programs/applications used on the device.

  • Start Time: Date and time when the user starts using the program;
  • Keep Time: How long the program has been used;

Save/Print logs:

  • Click the “Print” or “Export” button to save the logs of current page as PDF/CSV.

Search logs

Intelligent Search:

Search logs on the top of panel by simply entering a keyword.

Saved Search:

Saved search enables users to easily access favorite search results quickly.

From Main menuSeachNew Search, users can/are able to search logs of certain devices via keywords, date range, data types and save as shortcuts.

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