Samsung Android 9.x Guide

Essential Settings

These Settings must be properly configured to keep iKeyMonitor working.

  1. Download and Install the Special version from the Cloud Panel to lock iKeyMonitor App in "Recent Apps"
    Long press "iKeyMonitor icon" to bring out "Lock", Tap on the "Lock" icon on the top of "iKeymonitor" window

    samsung-lock-1 samsung-lock-2 samsung-lock-3

  2. Open iKeyMonitor - Wizard - "Hide in Recent Apps" to install the hidden version to hide it in recent apps. You can also download the general version manually and install it to override the special version.
    Tap on "Hide in Recent Apps"
  3. Settings > Apps > All > Three dots Icon > Show system apps > Device Security > Force stop
    Tap on the button to stop it.

    samsung-9-security-1 samsung-9-security-3-1 samsung-9-security-2-1

  4. Settings > Apps > All > Three dots Icon > Show system apps > Device Security > Storage > Clear data & Clear cache
    Tap on the button to stop it.

    samsung-9-security-4 samsung-9-security-5 samsung-9-security-6

  5. Settings > Apps > All > Internet Service > App info > Battery > Use details > Allow background activity
    Set to “ON”

    app-2-2-2 background-1 background-2

  6. Settings > Device care > Battery > Power mode > Optimised > High performance
    Set to “ON”

    battery-saver-3 battery-saver-1-2 battery-saver-3-1-1

  7. Settings > Device care > Battery > Three dots Icon > Settings > Put unused apps to sleep & Auto disable unused apps & Optimise settings
    Set to “OFF”

    battery-saver-3 battery-saver-4 battery-saver-5

  8. Settings > Device care > Memory > Three dots Icon > Apps that aren' t checked > Add > Internet Service > Add
    Tap on the button to add it.

    memory-2 memory-3 memory-4-1

Other Settings

No need to change these Settings by default. But they will affect iKeyMonitor functions if changed by user.

  1. Settings > Apps > Internet Service > Mobile data > Allow background data usage & Allow app while Data saver on
    Set to “ON”

    app-2-3 mobile-data-1 mobile-data-2

  2. Settings > Apps > Internet Service > Permissions > All Permissions
    Set to “ON”

    app-2-3 app-3 app-4

  3. Settings > Apps > See all XX apps > All apps > Three dots icon > Show system > Android System > Notifications > Apps consuming battery
    Set to “OFF”

    apps-notify-1 apps-notify-2 apps-notify-3

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