Xiaomi Android 10.x Guide

Essential Settings

These Settings must be properly configured to keep iKeyMonitor working.

  1. Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Power Saving Mode & Turn Off Automatically & Turn On at Specified Battery Level
    Set to “OFF”

    mi-setting mi-Battery-0 mi-Battery-1

  2. Settings > Battery > Smart Power Saver
    Set to “OFF”

    mi-setting mi-Battery-2

  3. Settings > Battery > Custom Power Saver > Internet Service > Run in Background
    Set to “ON”

    mi-Battery-3 mi-Battery-4 mi-Battery-5

  4. Settings > Battery > Power Saver options > Sleep Standby Optimization
    Set to “OFF”

    mi-setting mi-Battery-6 mi-Battery-7

  5. Settings > Battery > Performance Mode > High Performance Mode
    Set to “ON”

    mi-setting mi-Battery-8 mi-Battery-9

  6. Phone Manager > Gear icon > Self-Check & Auto Update of Phone Manager & App Cleaner Reminder
    Set to “OFF”

    mi-Phone Manager mi-Phone Manager-1

  7. Phone Manager > Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager > Internet Service
    Set to “ON”

    mi-Phone Manager-2 mi-Phone Manager-3 mi-Phone Manager-4

Other Settings

No need to change these Settings by default. But they will affect iKeyMonitor functions if changed by user.

  1. Settings > App Management > App List > Internet Service > App info > Internet Service > Data Usage Status > Background data
    Set to “ON”

    mi-app mi-Data Usage-1 mi-Data Usage-2

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